Service Fees

There will be no unexpected costs of care with the way I do business.


All service fees are due the time of your appointment.


If your insurance covers chiropractic care, I will provide a superbill that is ready for you to send to your insurer for reimbursement. Remember, your chiropractic coverage is an agreement between you and your insurer. I stay out of that agreement to concentrate on your health problem without the influence of the insurance company and its reimbursement policies.  In the end, there is more time for doctoring and less time spent on paperwork. 

Superbills available for insurance

First Visit Requirement:      
Chiropractic exam with first treatment    $220

Everyone must first have a chiropractic exam.

After your first visit, Dr. Nadine will report the findings of the exam and discuss your treatment plan. Dr. Nadine often combines 20 minutes of muscle release therapy, Shockwave therapy, chiropractic adjustments, traction, sports taping and exercises during your appointment.

Possible cost of treatment

15 minutes     $60

30 minutes     $105  

Reformer Rehab 60 minutes     110