Choose the best exercise for your goal: cardiovascular health, flexibility, bulking up, leaning out

For those of us who exercise, we want total body fitness and defined muscles. The problem is that we repeat the same exercise movements for months or even years. Why is this a problem? By sticking to this monotonous routine, we will overuse and over develop certain muscles while breeding weak muscles that are never challenged. Put a Crossfitter on a Pilates reformer and he/she will feel weak. Put a Yogi in a Crossfit class and there will be weakness.

Create variability in your exercise routines. Have you heard of CLASSPASS? You can try different exercise methods at participating locations under one pass. It’s great!

Here are my top recommended exercise platforms to be mixed into your routine:

Lean & Strong: Pilates Reformer

  • Works the smaller, stabilizing muscles of the pelvis and lower abdominal muscles.

  • Strengthen and lengthen the hamstrings.

  • Pilates has helped me to recover from ankle, hip and neck trauma in ways that no other exercise has.

Flexible and Loose: Yoga

Yoga specifically rehabilitates the long fascial lines spanning from your toes to your head. They wind all around your body and with poor posture and being sedentary, they become tight and you become uncomfortable. Over time they may become stuck on the surrounding tissues and unable to glide. This is when you start to have problems: back, knee, ankle, neck, wrist or elbow pain. Going through a series of yoga movements targets most of the long fascial lines, keeping your body younger and healthier. Try these moves:

Bulking Up: Crossfit or Body By Science Method

Barbells, weights, pull up bars, kettle bells, heavy balls, jump ropes, ropes, boxes. Crossfit is a strength building exercise for the larger muscles predominately. When it is done correctly the body learns how to move and lift heavy objects without injury.

Body By Science… watch here

It is the safe weightlifting choice to build large muscles.

Cardiovascular Health:

Stair climbing/running outside

Cycling on variable elevations

Hiking elevations

TABATA intervals 20 minutes

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