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How it works

When I was pregnant it was so difficult to know when I could exercise and if I could, sometimes I ached too much to do so. I needed a place to go where I could either exercise at my own pace with an instructor who could keep my bootie tight and the baby weight down while also being able to treat my body aches.  Needless to say that as a pregnant chiropractor, I created the solution.

When you come to Bodymoves, together we decide at each appointment what your body can accomplish from the list of offerings shown below. If you have sickness, no problem, we have buckets! Our goal is to teach you the tools you need to manage your pregnancy your way. We want to give you the power to make your own informed decisions while staying fit and healthy.

Services Offered During Your Visit


  • Chiropractic Care
  • Myofascial therapy


  • Exercise for pre/post pregnancy using the Pilates reformer or mat work
  • Short physical and mental challenges to train your mind to focus and get through the pain of contractions.

is offered


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Myofascial Therapy

We use a variety of tools that are safe during pregnancy to help release tight muscles, especially those that limit proper pelvic motion.

The Exercise Program



Dr. Nadine, DC working out in her 2nd trimester.

When I was pregnant my energy was unpredictable. Some days I could bust out a great Pilates burner while others, walking a half mile was enough. So, during the appointment, we train the muscles needed for labor or to fix issues caused by delivery, to your tolerance by either using the Pilates reformer machine or mat work. Posture to prevent what I call “mommy syndrome” will be trained into your muscles so you don’t get wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck pain from taking care of baby. We also incorporate timed challenges where you may get tired and feel a burn but because you are being guided through mental imagery, you train your mind to focus away from the pain and onto the goal. This training will help you during labor. We will also discuss diastasis recti and its prevention or rehabilitation: separation of the abdominal muscles/linea alba. We may end each exercise session with a pregnancy meditation that you will revisit throughout the week on your own. Can you see that in during one session you are accomplishing the things that people have told you to do but can’t find the time or motivation on your own? “Exercise. Meditate. Train your brain away from pain.” We got you covered!

Post Pregnancy Restoration Exercise

Delivering a baby or having a C-section is a body-changing event and the recovery for which needs to be taken seriously. Many women want to return to their old exercise routines, such as running and HIIT but fail to rehabilitate the core and pelvic floor muscles properly. How do we know? Peeing when you sneeze or jump is not normal yet many women accept it as a part of having kids. Another aspect of pregnancy is how much the belly expands with the increase of pressure pushing down on your pelvic floor muscles; weakness and a disconnect with the brain often occurs. My post pregnancy restoration exercise program teaches you the exercises needed to restore your core, pelvic floor strength, and mindful awareness.

Get started by booking your first Pre/Post
Pregnancy appointment!


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